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Financial Communication Services offers PRODUCTS and SERVICES of the qualitatively highest value which are currently available on the market.

Klaus-Peter Knoefel
Michaela Schniebs
Petra Knoefel

Pro Team

We are a team of programmers, which is specialized in solutions for the Personalization inside customer dialogues. Together with you we develop your application for the Print, eMailing or the dialogue in the WEB. One of our tasks is to know you and your company in detail. We work together with you closely to be sure that the solutions which we offer are tailored to your special needs and requirements. Your success is our success too...

How we handling the jobs

data migration and - processing

Generally, we accept all major formats for your address-, print- or web data. But of course there are exists preferred standards. For layouts, we generally prefer PDF files, PDF-X3 if possible, or "up". Ask us!

mailing analysis and - programming

Personalize what you want, where you want it, that's what underlies our philosophy here. For the preparation of your Data for output, have we for you various tools to the preparation, selection, conversion and analysis. Ask us!

mailing approval and - output

We present paper outputs for the real world available as PDF and for the virtual world (WEB, EMail) you get access data or the personalized email for approval. Print and shipment takes place by external partners.

"Passion for achieving common goals”

We are constantly striving to give you the technical advantage, which you clearly different in dialogue with customers from other competitors. Here you will find fresh ideas for your company's communications.

Klaus-Peter Knoefel

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